Club Hip Hop

A program devoted to hip-hop culture, students work their way through choreographed routines while incorporating their own style and expressing themselves , which is what hip-hop is all about!

Club Hip-Hop is taking dance back to the streets with four flavours of hip-hop styled dance routines. In this choreographed hip-hop styled dance class, students “pop and lock” their way through the routines.

With 4 flavours to choose from.

 4 Flavours of HIP HOP. 

Hip Hop with a South American flavour! Latino beats with hip hop style will have you moving your hips with a twist of salsa and a sprinkling of samba.
Let the tropical beats of the Caribbean take you on a journey with a mix of Afro based movements and island jams that are guaranteed to get the party started!
Popping classes are a fantastic way to get anyone into the dance culture. The robot, waving and tutting are just some of the styles that have been featured in Hollywood movies such as “Step Up” and “You Got Served”

 In this choreographed dance class students will get down and “pop and lock” their way through choreographed routines all while incorporating their own style, expressing themselves which is what hip-hop is all about!